Artistic Paws

        It is cheer luck if this colourful wall adorns these snapshots. During the half term break Sophie had spotted a powerful tagged wall during a sunday family stroll in Notting Hill. She sent me a picture of it and since we could not wait to plan a photo shoot in front of it. This autumn being very generous with rain we always have to tame our impatience to go out with our masks... Finally, one morning the sun rises in a perfectly blue sky. We frantically prepare ourselves and drive like mad to Notting Hill. Not faster enough than some nasty dark clouds that gather above our beloved wall to soon burst into a pouring rain. We retreat, but with the promise to return. 
      A week later, we venture out again with the hope of a more durable blue sky only to find out that some ugly motorbikes had parked in front of our wall. We noisily alert the neighbourhood in order to rat out the owners of the unwanted 2 wheels vehicles...with no success, alas. "Lets put them aside ourselves" suggests Sophie perched on her twelve centimetres high heel Louboutin and tight-fitting leather skirt... but before we could lift a finger, we were stopped by a law representative english character. It is with great frustration that we retreat to the car, unable to concentrate on the way back. We wander, our heads heavy, in an unknown land when suddenly, we catch sight of THIS magnificent wall...here is the result of our blessed discovery in Powis Gardens, W11...
         Is there a hidden gem around the corner of your home you'd like to share with us? A.D

white wool coat : Zara (shop similar here ) | cashmere black roll neck jumper : Uniqlo ( shop here) | leather black skirt : Zara (shop here) | shoes : Louboutin (shop here) | pearl necklace : vintage | Chanel ring & Bulgari bracelet | pony&leather clutch : Monoprix

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