Sweat Free

In the 1985 Ron Howard movie 'Cocoon" a group of elderly adults discovers that a nearby swimming pool has the power to imbue them with new strength, embracing energy and more youthful sense of well being. While the cause of their new lease on life turns out to be from an other planet, it does not take alien technology to reap the benefits of your neighbourhood pool.
Even without the aid of mysterious otherworldly cocoons, regular swimming can offer everyone a wide range of health benefits. To my surprise it took me very little to convince Sophie that a proper dive in a pool would decrease anxiety, enhance her muscle toning and flexibility and it is sweat-free. She could not wait to try it herself... (AD)

wool dress by Diane Von Furstenberg 


Egg Tantrum

I like to be slightly incomfortable in my clothes, I enjoy the feel of fitted garments. You can't walk the same way wearing a pencil skirt and heels than jeans and sneakers : the steps are much more shorter and the body is not holding the same way ... And that's exactly the idea ... To feel a bit restricted gives an "allure", and to feel at ease and natural in restricting clothes is the epitome of
Karl Lagerfeld is probably one of the best example with his very high collar white shirt, which give him a royal head posture !!
But nowadays the trend is more to be comfortable in your own clothes, to be cool ... Obviously the clothes we wear have to be in adequation with our lifestyle . Xxx S.D.

jumper : Monoprix (current) | flared skirt : H&M (shop here ) | shoes : Louboutin | necklace : Zara


Tea for Two

Sophie and I have fallen through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures, fourteen month ago. 
People have often qualified this photographic work as nonsense genre. Maybe nonsense isn't as beautiful or as meaningful as other genres, but it certainly is fun. 
The analogy with Lewis Carroll's best seller book Alice in Wonderland easily comes to mind. The literary nonsense defined by Wim Tiggs as 'a genre of narrative literature which balances a multiplicity of meaning with a simultaneous absence of meaning...' the balance being 'affected by playing with the rules of language, logic, representation, or a combination of these' does appeal to me greatly. 
Literary or photography nonsense should be regarded as a wonderful journey in an alternative reality where common sense references are challenged for the purpose of producing humorous situations. (A.D)

silk blouse : L.K.Bennett | skirt : H&M | feather belt : H&M | shoes : Louboutin


Pink Lolly

  'Five metres' was the distance from my car to this pavement.
It took five minutes for Aude to push and hold me like a toy on wheels, five minutes of laugh and shame (for my part).
  Roller skating is not my thing (it’s an understatement !) and really I couldn’t end up to the Chelsea and Westminster hospital …(I used to have a membership there with my boys …)
 So sitting was the best option for me really but as I’m brave I did try an attempt to rise my leg. Although I can run with high heels, I can’t even walk with roller skates !!! that’s a pity because those “vintagy” ones are really cute. Xxx S.D.

mohair jumper : H&M | jeans skirt : Top Shop | necklace : Zara | clutch : DVF