Quest for Fire

Along with September invariably comes a certain disregard for our cannibalistic consumerism society. This recurrent feeling comes, I believe, from some memorable and brilliantly crafted short stories by Italo Calvino studied during my italian classes in Year 12 : 'Marcovaldo'.
Marcovaldo is a antihero who struggles against the caprices of fate and the irrational abuses of capitalism and technological society.

In a story near the end of the collection, 'Marcovaldo at the supermarket', Marcovaldo and his family visit with empty pockets, a 'self-service supermarket', ostensibly to shop, but in reality to gawk at the consumer goods. Initially each member of the family pushes a cart through the supermarket, simply looking longingly at the goods lining the shelves. Then, Marcovaldo, having instructed his wife and children not to touch anything, makes a rapid turn at one of the intersections to elude his family. Once out of sight, he places goods in his cart: he wants to experience the pleasure of satisfying his desires if only for ten minutes. Like Marcolvado, his wife and children peel off down different aisles, collecting their desirables.

What a better way to confront my demons than a forced trip to the famous 'do it yourself' scandinavian home shop? I was able to rub shoulders with hundreds of ghosts Marcovaldos obsessed with blind consumerism...  (A.D) 

skirt : Zara (shop here) | feather cape : Topshop (shop here) | silk cream blouse :  Ted Baker | shoes : Zara


Jaffa Knock Out

 All my friends know that if I could play tennis with my heels I would. But….it’s not possible, and finding a proper and elegant way to dress for sport can be really challenging.

A lot of designers try hard to create the perfect silhouette for yoga or tennis; but to ally new technology, perfect breathable fabric and elegance can be tricky . 
But we might be saved thanks to net-a-sporter !!! Xxx S.D.

Top : H&M (current shop here ) | skirt : Topshop (current in shops) | shoes : Topshop | ring : Zara


What's The Time Mr Wolf?

Spending five entire and consecutive weeks with three children does leave some bad habits that are hard to bury overnight. When september comes after spending a whole summer entertaining daily three, even six boys at times, your days suddenly seem meaningless and as shallow as a cicada's molt. Fortunately, today, Sophie was able to regain some happiness by organising with her unwavering patient friends the number ONE game of the 2014 summer  : What's the time Mr Wolf? 
Now why is it that this game is not designated the same way in every playground from Cornwall to Scotland? In France we call it 1,2,3 Soleil but the native english speakers would call it Sly Fox, or Peeping Behind the Curtain, or Black Pudding, or Red Light, green Light and even Grandmother's Footsteps… 
English may be too much of an international language to agree on one simple game name!

dress : Topshop (current) | shoes : Zara | necklace : Topshop