If you leave early in the morning...

(First of all, please click on this link to hear the beautiful song : 'A bicyclette' by Yves Montand )
Spring is up in our diaries and with it the compulsive need to maximise our exposition to the sun rays. And what better way to do so than letting our four wheels hibernate and get on a bicycle ? Our french heritage has a lot to do with us enjoying so much this joyful song from Yves Montand that I can not stop but hum when cycling.
And here are the lyrics translated in english for those who always wondered what this iconic song was all about... (A.D)
When we would leave in early morning
When we would leave for the trails
By bicycle
We were great friends
There was Fernand, there was Firmin
There was Francis and Sebastien
And then Paulette

We were all in love with her
We felt ourselves grow wings
By bicycle
On the little dirt trails
We often went through hell
To not put our foot down
In front of Paulette
You have to say she put her heart into it
She was the postman's daughter
By bicycle
And when she turned eight
She followed him around
On all the surrounding trails
By bicycle

When we approached the river
We left in the ferns
Our bicycles
And rolled around in the fields
Giving rise to a changing bouquet
Of grasshoppers, butterflies
And frogs
When the sun on the horizon
Cast onto all the shrubbery
Our shadows
We went back exhausted and happy
Though our heart a bit sad
To not have had a minute alone
With Paulette

To furtively take her hand
And forget the others for a while
And the bicycle
We'd say it's for tomorrow
I'll dare, I'll dare try tomorrow
When we take to the trails
By bicycle

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Special thanks to our dear friend Armelle for lending us her bicycle !


Tattoo Addict

    Tattoos have always existed throughout history and all over the world. They always had cultural or social meaning ; many tattoos served as rites of passage, marks of status and ranks, symbols of religion and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, marks of fertility, talisman , protection, etc… A few examples: Romans used to tattoo criminals and slaves, and even their soldiers (on their hand to make their desertion difficult !), Native Americans also used tattoos to represent their tribes, the nazis tattooed also their prisoners in the concentration camps….
    The history of tattoos is truly fascinating and nowadays it has become a real fashion phenomenon. Many movie stars and sport athletes wear them as fashion, religious or personal statement. I guess it is an easy way to feel unique and to identify yourself.
    I think tattoos can sometimes be real “piece of art”, even though  I hate the fact that it is “permanent”, as I feel I’m in a constant evolving process, even my tastes change…nothing is static…
Anyway, Aude and I were delighted to discover a very attractive little tattoo shop in Notting Hill which  must be fashionable and famous as it is always very busy! So if you want a lovely tattoo with an experimented team, we would definitely recommend Love Hate Social Club in Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill.                            
    I must say that for a few minutes I have felt a bit “wild” !!!! but I am not ready yet to have the real thing….xxx S.D.           

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Special thanks to the artist, Alexandra whom, you will all agree, did a fantastic job on Sophie, and to the stylish lady waiting like Sophie in the torture boudoir!


fag and fluffy rabbit

Mother nature is providential. She gives us twelve years to develop a love for our children before turning them into teenagers. You've lived through nine month of sickness, post partum baby blues, countless sleepless nights due to night feedings or illnesses, spoon feeding, potty training, toddler temper tantrums, harassing repetitive school home works  … So why is the word "teenager" causing us so much anxiety? 
Is it because once they get old enough to help around the house they are no longer around the house to help? Or because you suddenly become invisible to them or worse, they can not bear to be around you anymore, their peers becoming much more important than you are. Or, do you fear loosing the 'beneficial' influence you have on your child which could leave your teenager vulnerable and suddenly facing an abyss of new attitudes and self expression to explore? 
No matter how much you have provided of kisses, cuddles, birthday parties, Nintendo DS, unlimited access to local library and soccer fields, iPad, iPod, iPhones, Harry Potter books, visit to the Harry Potter Studios, Pokemon cards, Panini cards, hamsters, half a dozen goldfishes, replacement goldfishes, intercultural travels, Superdry sweatshirts… they will regress and play the rebel because otherwise they would not get the approval from their peers that gives them a higher self-esteem. A.D

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Stripy Bookworm

   I always feel a bit nostalgic in libraries…it reminds me of school and student days, a mix of good and stressful memories…

I remember ~ 25 years ago ( I feel so old now!!!!) when a teacher asked you to make a presentation in history or literature, ..you had to go to the library to get all the informations and photocopy afterwards the book’s pictures ; it was sort of a big thing to do that required a bit of organisation. Nowadays , my kids, with a click on a computer have it all with internet !!! Change of era….
      I hope libraries and books won’t become endangered species….
I still carry at least 1kg of books when I travel,  a kindle would be more convenient …but I love books : the cover, the touch of a sheet of paper and for the best of them, they become old faithful companions all through your life. Xxx S.D.

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*Tesco brand


the fox & the lamb

One day a Lamb went down to the brook to get a drink. A Wolf saw him and wanted to quarrel with
him so as to have a good excuse for eating him up. While the Lamb was drinking, he went and stood
by the brook, a little farther up, and cried out :
- "See here, you Lamb! How do you dare to muddy the water when I am about to drink?"
- "How can I muddy it?" said the Lamb. "You are higher up the stream than I am, and the water runs away from you, towards me."
- "Well, you called me names last summer," said the wolf, "and now I am going to punish you for it."
- "Last summer? said the Lamb. "That was before I was born, and how could I call you names?"
- "At any rate" said the Wolf, "you are trying to make out that I am a fool: I won't stand that, from you or from anyone else."
And with that he seized the Lamb and ate him up.
It is so with some men and children. When they have made up their minds to do wrong, they are sure to find some sort of excuse for it. A.D

the fox  white top : Cos | skinny black trousers: Citizens of Humanity | pink shoes : Primark | green clutch : Diane Von Furstenberg | necklace : Zara |
the lamb  Sainsbury lamb costume | shoes : H&M