Premeditated Flurry

  Today we went to Sainsbury's (kensington, London) with our heart balloons and festive clothes... not really appropriate to do the grocery  shopping….but you know what, here, you can do anything you want and nobody is really shocked ! After this flamboyant entry, we went to the ladies rest room, knowing how kitsch the place was, to do the photoshoot. Every ten seconds, a woman was coming in, it was like a “hive” ; I discovered that a lot of women of all ages were using the loo during their shopping trip to Sainsbury's !!! How strange for me who always say to my children “hold on, in five minutes we’ll be home…”
We only had one loo visitor's comment “oh! Is this for Valentine’s day ?” I wanted to answer “why, do I look like father christmas?”…
    Anyway, each year I have mixed feelings about valentine’s day….
My masculine part of the brain thinks “this day is so commercial ! There ’s nothing in February, so let’s create a commercial theme to which everyone could relate to and spend money on…” or it’s like a bad American romantic comedy where Love  stories begin on Valentine’s day, how convenient !!!.
And my feminine part of the brain which secretly wishes for something to happen on that day….any sign that would indicate that I’m unique, desired, loved !
Even though my masculine side is obviously reasonable, I would like to say to all the boys, men, male, aliens, to be creative, inventive, DO SOMETHING !!!!  
      Happy valentine’s day to you all !!!!!  S.D.

satin playsuit : Topshop | shoes : Louboutin | necklace : H&M | crocodile bracelet : H&M | Dior bag

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