mad scramble

It seems obvious that our trip to the famous Kempton Park Racecourse was planned the wrong day… instead of racing horses, all we have cheered for was the dangerous frenzied race of a frightened red fox.
Lead by a frantic panic to avoid us and an atavistic fear to be trapped in the upper stands, he conducted a desperate attempt to regain freedom by making several high jumps to try and reach a 'closed' window. He ended up making a bad fall on the stairs and was probably left badly injured. He then retrieved into a hole and stopped moving. Calling the RSPCA was the inevitable move after a final attempt, lead by a charming old lady to open a dialogue with the injured victim, brought us to nowhere :
- "Are you all right darling?" and "Are you injured sweety ?" but the rebel remained silent….

My fellow friend probably shares the common belief that foxes have a far better use when their beautiful fur wrap a lady's collar and that banning fox hunting in 2006 was a huge mistake as they have reached a preoccupying number. But I would argue that they are being nature's pest controllers when it comes to rats and feral pigeons. Who knows what London's rodent problem would be like without the ten thousand urban foxes patrolling the streets. (A.D)

dress : H&M | shoes : Zara | necklace : Zara

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