Quest for Fire

Along with September invariably comes a certain disregard for our cannibalistic consumerism society. This recurrent feeling comes, I believe, from some memorable and brilliantly crafted short stories by Italo Calvino studied during my italian classes in Year 12 : 'Marcovaldo'.
Marcovaldo is a antihero who struggles against the caprices of fate and the irrational abuses of capitalism and technological society.

In a story near the end of the collection, 'Marcovaldo at the supermarket', Marcovaldo and his family visit with empty pockets, a 'self-service supermarket', ostensibly to shop, but in reality to gawk at the consumer goods. Initially each member of the family pushes a cart through the supermarket, simply looking longingly at the goods lining the shelves. Then, Marcovaldo, having instructed his wife and children not to touch anything, makes a rapid turn at one of the intersections to elude his family. Once out of sight, he places goods in his cart: he wants to experience the pleasure of satisfying his desires if only for ten minutes. Like Marcolvado, his wife and children peel off down different aisles, collecting their desirables.

What a better way to confront my demons than a forced trip to the famous 'do it yourself' scandinavian home shop? I was able to rub shoulders with hundreds of ghosts Marcovaldos obsessed with blind consumerism...  (A.D) 

skirt : Zara (shop here) | feather cape : Topshop (shop here) | silk cream blouse :  Ted Baker | shoes : Zara