Les Trois Garcons

    Yesterday's auction at Christies, South Kensington, hosted some 380 pieces of the phantasmagorical world of Les Trois Garcons, best known for their restaurant of the same name in Shoreditch (here). There was no way we were going to miss the opportunity to stroll around such iconic pieces of furniture, sculpture, painting, lighting and ceramic scattered in a bold juxtaposition of antiques and 20th century design. We wanted to feel the beat of their shared passion for design, get inspired by their daring use of colour, get giddy with the fantastic blend of the surreal, the chic and the eccentric.

   For those of you who live outside the UK, Les Trois Garçons ran a successful business as antique dealers and interior designers before they opened their successful and iconic restaurant in 2000. I came across them in 2010 at their Shoreditch antique shop where you would be greeted by a giant dalmatian who would guide you through the fairytale maize of their visually chic mise-en-scene two rooms shop. That was a unique experience and it came very natural to me to suggest that Sophie would wear a dalmatian mask in memory of that engraved memory.

   This post is about sharing with you the diversity and unicity of this iconic private collection, that is the reason we choose to publish so many visuals. We hope you will too, feel thrilled with this surreal atmosphere. A.D

pink top : Zara (in shops now) | black skirt : Zara | pink shoes : Top Shop | clutch : New Look

Special thanks to the staff at Christies for turning a blind eye to our audacity!

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