Magical Encounter

    For his post, I wanted to be a mouse thinking of the millions of rats living in the underground…and apparently we share a lot of things in common…

In the tube, and as you can see on the pictures, people are very busy phoning, playing with their mobile, listening to music, reading…they barely paid attention to us…but eventually a few of them did :
a dad who said to his toddler (sitting in his push-chair ) “oh look at the rabbit !” “euh…actually I’m a mouse !”, I didn’t want his son to be confused so early in his life…
Five minutes later, the man sitting next to me engaged the conversation by telling me how great my 'bear' mask was !!!, and asking me if I was a designer for bear clothes, “that’s true that they have nothing to wear…” he added : we thought this situation was hilarious! This guy is in fact a magician and if he is as good with tricks as he is funny, he will become a superstar ! For whom it may interest, you may contact him at www.stephenkarlmagicien.com

      So, sometimes, we meet interesting people and masks can create some surrealists situations , and I guess everyone has its own interpretation…
But….and this is a message for Superman : “I know you’ll come one day, and I promise you I will recognise you straight away !!! “.
Xxx S.D.

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