Antinomic Coalition

I've always had a secret fascination for colourful inflatable animals. Every excuse is good to spend a penny on it... to my children's joy. Therefore, I was overly excited when I came across this lovely plastic green monster on a hot and sticky summer afternoon. I could immediately picture it strolling with Sophie in the yellow and red fallen leaves of our beautiful London parks this fall. But how on earth would I be able to hide it from my three greedy little monsters who could not wait to ride it in the pool? I do not know how it kept systematically and periodically reappearing by the side of the pool over the summer however well I hid it. Although, I must admit that my eldest is a very persistent nosey parker...

My magical line to confiscate it was irremediably the same : "No, no, you can not play with this one...it has to be kept safe and sound for mummy's work...". The children looked disappointed but dared not to complain too much. But the subtle excuse did not seem to work its magic over adults who glanced at me both with amusement and puzzlement, thinking aloud I must have gone mad. You see, at this point our blog had not been launched yet and it was still a secret. 
So, I dedicate this post to all my summer guests and especially to you Marianne, since you have been waiting so long to see Mr Crocodile enter on stage! A.D

mohair jumper : Cos  | neoprene skirt : H&M | shoes : Primark | wool coat : Zara | necklace : Zara | bracelet : H&M | clutch : Zara

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