Auspicious Debut

We have always believed in the virtue of homeopathic "vintage" touch in our closet as well as for our home decor. There is no better way to lift up a look, giving it a twist of "je ne sais quoi" called unique or happy mix and match, especially if you are on a husband imposed tight clothes budget.
It is true that although it comes cheaper to buy a second hand garment, it takes its toll in terms of time consumption. But hey, you can not have your cake and eat it also. And what a reward when hidden in a mountain of unwanted rags you find the piece that will perfectly match your latest Zara acquisition! 

I'd say that the other great benefit of venturing weekly in charity shops or vintage markets is the feel to give a second life to an item that has a history and to revive a lost quest for noble materials. The high street mass consumption leading brands have somehow lost along the way the quest for quality and noble materials  in favour of high volumes and cheaper price tags. I always feel the weight of interrogative stares as people witness me bustling about frenetically in search of hidden composition  labels. Am I a cotton-wool-cashmere-silk freak endangered species?

Lets come back to our sheep, the beautiful drum that Sophie is beating was found by her at Sunbury Antique Market and was cleverly converted into a child bedside table. This colourful and vintage piece was the starting point for this shooting. May I also say that the shinny rabbit fur jacket and the pearl necklace/bracelet have the same origin and to complete the jaw drop that the much coveted pompom jumper comes from a local Charity Shop. Have I succeeded in convincing you to visit your local second hand den? A.D

rabbit fur jacket : vintage | pink scuba skirt : H&M (shop here ) | burgundy pompom jumper : Luella | pink leopard shoes : Kurt Geiger (shop here ) | pearl bracelet : vintage necklace | ring : Chanel | drum : found at Sunbury Antique Market

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