fag and fluffy rabbit

Mother nature is providential. She gives us twelve years to develop a love for our children before turning them into teenagers. You've lived through nine month of sickness, post partum baby blues, countless sleepless nights due to night feedings or illnesses, spoon feeding, potty training, toddler temper tantrums, harassing repetitive school home works  … So why is the word "teenager" causing us so much anxiety? 
Is it because once they get old enough to help around the house they are no longer around the house to help? Or because you suddenly become invisible to them or worse, they can not bear to be around you anymore, their peers becoming much more important than you are. Or, do you fear loosing the 'beneficial' influence you have on your child which could leave your teenager vulnerable and suddenly facing an abyss of new attitudes and self expression to explore? 
No matter how much you have provided of kisses, cuddles, birthday parties, Nintendo DS, unlimited access to local library and soccer fields, iPad, iPod, iPhones, Harry Potter books, visit to the Harry Potter Studios, Pokemon cards, Panini cards, hamsters, half a dozen goldfishes, replacement goldfishes, intercultural travels, Superdry sweatshirts… they will regress and play the rebel because otherwise they would not get the approval from their peers that gives them a higher self-esteem. A.D

embroidered t-shirt : Zara | trousers : H&M | shoes : Top Shop


  1. You are so crazy!! Funny crazy:)) Well done girls for the smile you put on my face... X Soiz