Tattoo Addict

    Tattoos have always existed throughout history and all over the world. They always had cultural or social meaning ; many tattoos served as rites of passage, marks of status and ranks, symbols of religion and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, marks of fertility, talisman , protection, etc… A few examples: Romans used to tattoo criminals and slaves, and even their soldiers (on their hand to make their desertion difficult !), Native Americans also used tattoos to represent their tribes, the nazis tattooed also their prisoners in the concentration camps….
    The history of tattoos is truly fascinating and nowadays it has become a real fashion phenomenon. Many movie stars and sport athletes wear them as fashion, religious or personal statement. I guess it is an easy way to feel unique and to identify yourself.
    I think tattoos can sometimes be real “piece of art”, even though  I hate the fact that it is “permanent”, as I feel I’m in a constant evolving process, even my tastes change…nothing is static…
Anyway, Aude and I were delighted to discover a very attractive little tattoo shop in Notting Hill which  must be fashionable and famous as it is always very busy! So if you want a lovely tattoo with an experimented team, we would definitely recommend Love Hate Social Club in Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill.                            
    I must say that for a few minutes I have felt a bit “wild” !!!! but I am not ready yet to have the real thing….xxx S.D.           

white skirt : F&F (Tesco Brand) | Top : Zara | shoes : Zara | necklace : Zara | rings : De Beers | clutch : Zara

Special thanks to the artist, Alexandra whom, you will all agree, did a fantastic job on Sophie, and to the stylish lady waiting like Sophie in the torture boudoir!

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