Stripy Bookworm

   I always feel a bit nostalgic in libraries…it reminds me of school and student days, a mix of good and stressful memories…

I remember ~ 25 years ago ( I feel so old now!!!!) when a teacher asked you to make a presentation in history or literature, ..you had to go to the library to get all the informations and photocopy afterwards the book’s pictures ; it was sort of a big thing to do that required a bit of organisation. Nowadays , my kids, with a click on a computer have it all with internet !!! Change of era….
      I hope libraries and books won’t become endangered species….
I still carry at least 1kg of books when I travel,  a kindle would be more convenient …but I love books : the cover, the touch of a sheet of paper and for the best of them, they become old faithful companions all through your life. Xxx S.D.

white top : F&F* (current in shops) | black trousers : Zara (current in shops) | shoes : Bata (current in shops) | clutch : F&F (current in shops) | necklace and ring : De Beers

*Tesco brand

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