Galeophobia or Selachophobia

Bump Bump … Bump Bump… Bumpumpumpumpumpum…there you are, a couple of notes and you conjure up images of the ominous tail fin protruding out of the water, wide open bloody mouth with razor sharp teeth and cold emotionless eyes. 

Everyone of my generation is still afraid of the John Williams epic theme of Jaws. It still petrifies me whenever I get in the sea : I experience a shortens of breath that triggers a rapid breathing, my mouth dries out, follows an inability to articulate a shout and an excessive sweating. And I am pretty sure it has ruined the sea for generations of potential swimmers, snorkelers, divers and surfers. 

How could you not fear the shadow of the deemed scary Great White shark and its often seven raws of replacement teeth, who often goes through more than 30,000 teeth in a lifetime? Well the answer is simple (in theory...) if you meet a mindless eating machine face to face in the open water, just remind him that you do not taste nor look like a seal. If the creature of the devil does not seem to agree then, kindly suggest that, maybe, it should go to Specsavers! (A.D)

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