Urban Deer

Ladies and gentlemen welcome on board this flight 2512. Will you please fasten your seatbelt as we are about to take off for our annual two month journey to Christmas eve. Is this the reason I have been witnessing a sudden pattern of interest for images of deer on Pinterest, Instagram, blogs? Are we preparing for the arrival of the reindeer and its red hooded bearded friend? 
Or is it a subliminal message from the BASC's subscribers that it is time to put on their Hunter boots and jump in their Land Rover ? If so, does this time of the year not coincide with the deer breeding season? 

I usually do not like to follow the herd... but it is not a bad idea to flash some light on a new phenomenon. While Londoners have become used to wildlife animals like birds and foxes living in our residential areas and sharing the city, a surprising new species are coming to visit in ever increasing number. Urban deer are becoming a regular feature in the city, as whole herds come into residential streets under cove of darkness each night to take advantage of the capital's green spaces. Now, if you are not a night owl, you can always maximise you chance to encounter this proud and majestic mammal in the wilds of the vast Richmond Park which is the largest Royal Park in London and home to more than 630 deer. (A.D)

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