Medusa & Brutus

    Last winter, at Sainsbury’s, a man approached me with a big smile and told me :” Cruella Deville ?!”, it took me 5 seconds to move from my grocery list concentration to a brief introspective look…and I laughed….I was wearing a long black fur coat with a white collar and my usual natural white lock of hair. Then he replied :”you need a dalmatian now !!! ‘ ,”of course ! but I’m more into cats myself…”.

    For this post, we took for inspiration another famous evil woman , Madame Medusa , from the  film 'The Rescuers', with her two cherished crocodiles “Brutus and Nero”, it’s one of the scariest Walt Disney ever. And why so many evil and cruel woman in so many of Walt Disney movies and fairy tales ??
    Anyway, I still love fur coats (vintage !), still have a white lock of hair, like walking a crocodile but I promise you I’m just a little and inoffensive mouse ! xxx S.D.

dress : H&M (shop here) | shoes : Zara (shop here) | belt : H&M (shop similar here) | necklace : H&M (current in shops) | bag : lady Dior

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