Pink Lolly

  'Five metres' was the distance from my car to this pavement.
It took five minutes for Aude to push and hold me like a toy on wheels, five minutes of laugh and shame (for my part).
  Roller skating is not my thing (it’s an understatement !) and really I couldn’t end up to the Chelsea and Westminster hospital …(I used to have a membership there with my boys …)
 So sitting was the best option for me really but as I’m brave I did try an attempt to rise my leg. Although I can run with high heels, I can’t even walk with roller skates !!! that’s a pity because those “vintagy” ones are really cute. Xxx S.D.

mohair jumper : H&M | jeans skirt : Top Shop | necklace : Zara | clutch : DVF

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