Tea for Two

Sophie and I have fallen through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures, fourteen month ago. 
People have often qualified this photographic work as nonsense genre. Maybe nonsense isn't as beautiful or as meaningful as other genres, but it certainly is fun. 
The analogy with Lewis Carroll's best seller book Alice in Wonderland easily comes to mind. The literary nonsense defined by Wim Tiggs as 'a genre of narrative literature which balances a multiplicity of meaning with a simultaneous absence of meaning...' the balance being 'affected by playing with the rules of language, logic, representation, or a combination of these' does appeal to me greatly. 
Literary or photography nonsense should be regarded as a wonderful journey in an alternative reality where common sense references are challenged for the purpose of producing humorous situations. (A.D)

silk blouse : L.K.Bennett | skirt : H&M | feather belt : H&M | shoes : Louboutin

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