Egg Tantrum

I like to be slightly incomfortable in my clothes, I enjoy the feel of fitted garments. You can't walk the same way wearing a pencil skirt and heels than jeans and sneakers : the steps are much more shorter and the body is not holding the same way ... And that's exactly the idea ... To feel a bit restricted gives an "allure", and to feel at ease and natural in restricting clothes is the epitome of
Karl Lagerfeld is probably one of the best example with his very high collar white shirt, which give him a royal head posture !!
But nowadays the trend is more to be comfortable in your own clothes, to be cool ... Obviously the clothes we wear have to be in adequation with our lifestyle . Xxx S.D.

jumper : Monoprix (current) | flared skirt : H&M (shop here ) | shoes : Louboutin | necklace : Zara

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