Cendrillon's Imbroglio

      Sophie and I have been through our first minor disagreement! After one of our early morning hot chocolate and brainstorming session, we decided to pay a visit to the new J.Crew store on Draycott Avenue. Disappointment awaited us... the prospect of affordable sales items was soon to wear off as the new shop was only filled with the 2014 S/S collection. As we were expressing our frustration on the pavement while lurking at the colourful window display, we caught sight of a pair of paper wheels that laid, abandoned on the sidewalk of the road. After a furtive look at each other, we grabbed each a wheel and walked hastily back to our vehicle. After a nice makeover these wheels would be a great starting point for our new post.
      My fertile imagination led me to the idea of making a parody of the 1980' "Cinderella" Levis jeans add. Come on ladies, I am sure that you have engraved in your mind the last image of this commercial : a modern Cinderella finds her prince charming, who fits the lost pair of Levis jeans, in the person of a stunning young male mechanic who turns around bare chested in his sexy outfit holding a pair of wheels. The overall surrounded by the daunting Erma Franklin's "Take a little Piece of my Heart" song.
       Well, I submitted to my partner the idea of a similar setting with a more feminine twist : she would wear a pair of tight jeans, red high heel shoes and a naked torso veiled by a myriad of necklaces, Sophie laughed…then she kept postponing the photo shoot and hinting at "great coats"  she had outsourced to match the pink wheels… I stood up to her for 8 days, then I surrendered and abandoned the idea of the sexy parody and compromised for this ... civilised scenario. A.D

red shoes : Dune | skinny jeans : Citizen of Humanity | denim shirt : Gap | coat : Zara | necklace : Top Shop (current here
levis commercial link (here)

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