Anthropomorphism Exhaustion

    As the last flares of the holiday season fade away, we turn around and consider the annual marathon associated with the festive period : far from leaving us refreshed and recharged one's battery, it tends to squeeze the last drop of energy hidden in us after the waves of cold and gloomy short days. 
    Have you noticed that while we are left staggering and gasping for breath after the repetitive and careless absorption of countless kilos of sugary, high calorific delicacies washed down with a variety of alcoholic liquids, our offspring in return suddenly burst with energy and over excitement? 
    Our careless attitude is  absolved with the prospect of the drastic forthcoming New Year's resolutions. Ah, the new year resolutions…they do not have time to materialise from vague thoughts to a proper list that I already have lost track of them. Instead, I'd rather celebrate… the lengthening days and the strengthening sunshine that will lead us to a promising colourful and joyful spring. If it is an utopia for now, at least we can wear the image of it ! 
Happy New Year to you all.  A.D

dalmatian  astrakan vintage coat | pencil skirt : Diane Von Furstenberg | top : H&M | shoes : Louboutin| necklace : Zara | ring : De Beers | vintage clutch
little panda  pink cape : Kiabi | tutu skirt : H&M | ballerina : H&M

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