Disney Confusion

       I’ve always loved coats, love is an understatement, I should say “obsessed", it could even be a neurosis….
But honestly…it’s such an important piece of the wardrobe, “a strategic piece”. You could wear jeans,a jumper and trainers but a coat would make the whole outfit interesting or not.
       I litteraly had a “coup de foudre” for this one (and it was in Notting hill : a sign !!!) ; the bright red fabric, the shape, even the way it moves when I walk is perfect.
       We rarely think of the 3D aspect of a garment, but it’s always fascinating to look at catwalks during fashion weeks.
Models, of course, walk a certain way, but clothes move also their own way as if they were alive.
In that photo shoot, was I “Mary Poppins” , or “the little red riding hood” or “the big bad wolf “ ???
One thing is for sure : laws of gravity !!!  S.D 

White skirt : Zara | white mohair jumper : H&M | red coat : The West Village | shoes : Zara | bag : Dior | fox scarf : vintage | necklace : Van Cleef&Arpel

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